S1CK A008.

I've updated S1CK to the most recent testing build. The build previously uploaded was almost a year old.

Changelog from my files is as follows:

-Fixed a bug where enemies could phase through windows.
-Modifed the Music Manager so music CAN'T repeat.
-Created another drone variant.
-Reenabled drone hit sounds. This was accidentally disabled a while ago.
-Usability improvements for Survival
-The options menu wasn't pausing when it was open. That's fixed now.
-Player bullets weren't breaking windows for some reason (probably optimization). That's fixed now.
-Made some small modifications to Hospital.
-Fixed some main menu weirdness with the MOTD on other resolutions.


s1ck-windows.zip 160 MB
Version 2 Mar 31, 2018
s1ck-mac.zip 171 MB
Version 2 Mar 31, 2018
s1ck-linux.zip 171 MB
Version 2 Mar 31, 2018

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